How to download Linux mint |Install Linux mint in VirtualBox [2020]

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Hey guys in this blog I am going to show you how to download and install Linux mint in your Virtualbox so let’s see how we do it in some simple steps

Downloading Linux mint

Step 1: First of all start your favorite browser in your system and search for Linux mint and the first result which will appear is

Click it and it will redirect you to the Linux mint official website

As soon as you click the Linux mint Main page you will see the download section of the Linux mint

Step 2: now click on the download section scroll down and it will show you the three versions if Linux mint. you have to click on the 64bit of the ‘Cinnamon’ link.

Step 3: now it will redirect you to the next page from where you have to choose the mirror which is nearest to your location.

Scroll down to find your nearest one so I m choosing the nearest to my location.

you can see the iso file is around 1.89 gigabyte you have to wait till it completes downloading.

Installing mint in virtual box

Click here to download virtual box

Step 4: After downloading open your virtual box then click on new and here you can provide the name of your machine.

I m giving the title LinuxMint to my machine and then select the type which will we Linux now for the version as you can find it out that Linux mint is not available in the version section

so you can select the ubuntu64 and then click next.

Step 5: now configure your machine as to the requirement of your system how much memory you want to allocate to the machine then click create.

you haven’t chosen the iso file yet now right-click to the machine and go to storage then enter the iso location.

step 6: now click on green start button then after some time you are able to see the Linux mint install icon click there and installation will be started

now fill all the data which is asked to install the Linux mint, choose the language, your keyboard, your location, and the password along with your Virtualbox name then hit continue.

now the installation will start it takes some time to installation.

Step 7: After installing it will show you this message then simply click on the restart and enter your password and its all set you have successfully installed the Linux mint.

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